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After a lot of research on steam juice extractors I decided to purchase the Mehu-Liisa. It arrived yesterday and I was anxious to give it a try with grapes I have harvested. Unfortunately, there aren't any instructions other than the vague ones on pages 8-9 in the Mehu-Liisa Cookbook that was enclosed. Having no experience with a steam juicer, I have several questions that need to be answered before I begin.
     *How much fruit can I put in?
     *Pg. 8, #3 refers to the diagram on Pg.5 when attaching the drain tube and clip, but the drain tube and clip are not on that diagram (nor anywhere else) in my book.
     *How can I get instructions on how to use the drain tube and clip?
     *When do I begin to drain off the juice?

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Here are answers to your excellent questions. But first, let me assure you that the Mehu-Liisa is truly a simple tool to use. It is very efficient in its processing and requires minimal knowledge of canning or food processing. Most users gain experience over the years regarding the Mehu-Liisa's finer points by trial and error. I believe that is part of what makes it such a versatile and enjoyable unit to use during canning season.

1. How much fruit to put in basket? I would put at least half a basket full of fruit otherwise it isn't very efficient to heat up all the water for such a small amount. One way to work with small fruits which don't necessarily come in great quantities is to freeze them as you acquire them. Then, when you are ready to steam, put the frozen fruit (I freeze in quart or gallon size bags) in the basket and process. No need to thaw. Also, you can add these tasty little gems to other fruit like peaches, pears and apples, and white grapes to create wonderful fruit blend juices.

2. How to use the drain tube.  Just attach the tube to the spout using a drop or two of vegetable oil if you want to remove after processing. It is not necessary to remove the tube in order to clean though. When draining juice use gloves (I use the standard engineer canvas and leather gloves that are available in hardware stores for about $5 pair). Hold your sterile jar (20 minutes in 250 degree oven) in a heat proof pitcher or a sauce pan with handle and direct the hose into the jar. Squeeze the clamp splines  together to release the juice. Be careful not to overfill. Sometimes, you will need the help of another person to tip the juicer a bit to get the last few drops. When jar is full, put lid on and screw down finger tight (that is not too tight). Let jars cool and they will vacuum seal. For optimum safety, water bath process the jars for 5 minutes after filling.

3. When to drain off juice?  I set a timer for 30 minutes. I check the juice kettle (wear your gloves) and will drain off a quart at that time if necessary. With grapes there is often enough juice to drain off at this time as they are very juicy and you don't want juice to dribble down into the waterpan via the steam funnel. Then I check the waterpan and add water if needed. Then I reset the timer for 15 minutes (20-30 minutes for apples and harder pears). When it goes off I finish draining off the juice and prep for my next batch.

A note about the cookbook. Unfortunately, it is a very old edition and needs some updating. Most of the information is applicable to the Mehu-Liisa and very useful. However, the times are all a bit long as these were calculated for a slightly larger older model and there have been some editing glitches introduced over the years as you found with the non-existent diagram reference. I do plan on publishing an updated version soon. You will be on the list to know when it is available.

All right, some excellent questions. I hope my answers helped.

Take Care

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